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Maximum Drainage
One of the biggest problems of the Outdoor Sports Facilities is the fact that the rain conditions the use of the Sports Floor due to the water puddles that it creates. Sports Partner Floor for outdoor use, besides the fact that it has all of the special characteristics present in the architecture of all Sports Partner Floors, they were conceived to provide a quick and efficient drainage during wet weather not allowing the creation of water puddles an no squeegee required. With this system your Sport Floor dries out more quickly and it allows you to use the facilities for much more time than other type of solutions.

Why doesn’t it produce water puddles?
Due to his architecture and special surface design the biggest quantity of water passes trough directly to the concrete base, remaining only on the surface little drops of water that completely evaporate at about 5 to 10 minutes after stop raining.

General Advantages

- Protect the physical integrity of athletes through the vertical an lateral shock abortion.
- More comfort due to its excellent impact absorption to minimize risk of injury at the joints and lower back.
- Antibacterial product that does not create bacteria and fungus.
- Unlike some of “spongy” Flooring we have a hard surface that enables perfect ball rebound.
- The surface of our Flooring is designed to allow a perfect level of grip in all directions for all indoor sports including Sports on skates.

Funcional Advantages

- Easy assembly / disassembly through fittings male / female.
- Wide range of options at the level of desired colours for the play areas and security.
- Advertising through the modification of certain tiles.
- High resistance to extreme temperature conditions.
- Applicable in any final levelled surface.
- Initial investment more economically and attractive than other solutions.
- We have solutions economically more attractive compared with other solutions, not only during the initial investment but also while being used where it is not necessary to carry out lengthy and quite costly repairs and maintenance.
- Best relation Price / Quality.

Protection of Investment

When buying a Sports Partner Floor you are protecting your investment because even if you move your floor to another place, you can always use it again. With other types of floors (definite), you would not be able to move it losing in this way all the investment you made.
Unfortunately there are some times that some accidents caused by transport and installation of sports equipment (Handball Goals, Basketball Goals, etc..) occurs in the Sports Flooring. This is sometimes overlooked but extremely important when thinking about purchasing a Sport Floor because there are several solutions on the market that its impossible or very costly to repair the damage. With our solutions the repairs are easy, economical and very fast allowing the use of your floor again in a few minutes. When the Sports Floor is damaged just need to replace the damaged tile(s) by accident with a very low cost.

Cost of Maintenance = 0

Our solutions do not require costly periodic maintenance, carried out with equipment and specialized personnel. With our solutions is only necessary to perform a cleaning with a common mop and a common detergent (neutral pH) when you feel necessary.

Advertising on Floor

Our solutions allow you to monetize Sports Partner Floor, advertising directly on the floor just by switching the tiles in to others with different colour on the Floor. This advantage is particularly useful because it allows different advertising sponsors from time to time without any additional cost or need to withdraw and applying stickers with adhesives in the Sports Floor.

Possibility of portability of your Sports Floor for other solutions that may be required

Transform your Sports Installation in to multipurpose space, as you can easily uninstall the Sports Floor, use the space for other uses (Reunions, weddings, etc…), and install the Sports Floor back again protecting the quality of your Sports Floor and the investment you have done on it.
This characteristic is also very useful when you have for example a new Sports Space being built and you can acquire our Sports Floor, install it on the old Sports Space and then when the new Sports Space is done you can easily uninstall it and install it on the new Sports Space.