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If you want a sports court in your yard, club, school…
We are here to fulfill your every desire.

Tennis mats and high quality sports mats
Sports floors and padel courts for every environment
Group Konzetp high standards and maximum performance
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sports fields and constructions made

About tennis courts

"Mr. Markovic's company made the courts at TK Green Set, and we were able to make sure of their quality and durability. At the beginning of the interview, Nenad Markovic explained what all kinds of hard (acrylic) courts exist, and how they all differ. He also explained which surfaces are played on US Open and Australian Open.

Considering that in Serbia are the most represented clay courts Mr. Markovic introduced two new tennis surfaces TOP CLAY and TOP SAND."
Mali igrači
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In 2014, Konzept Group received an exclusive dealership to distribute Plexipave tennis courts.
Plexipave is the official surface of the tournaments such as Australian Open, Indian Wells, Qatar Open etc.