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• Made of polypropylene copolymer which gives it exceptional impact resistance and long life.
• Area: open
• Dimension: 25 x 25 x 1.1 cm
• Merger points: 7 (male-female)
• Ability to place a rubber rug under the base for extra comfort
• Certified by many national sports federations
• Manufacturer's 12 year warranty.


• Many different sports can be practiced on this surface
• Protects joints of ligaments and muscles with its lateral and vertical shock absorption
• Ideal bounce of the ball due to its solid and flat surface
• Ideal fit for sneakers and even roller skates because of their surface structure
• Easy and quick mounting
• Possibility of unlimited number of mounting and dismantling, due to the non-use of adhesives during installation
• High resistance to: mechanical shock, extreme temperatures and UV rays
• Easy repair in case of damage
• Maintenance costs = 0